Our Team

Upon entering our street-level doors, you will immediately be greeted by Cheryl Young who has been with Okamura since the practice opened.



Born and raised in BC’s Lower Mainland, Sheena started working shortly after leaving school gaining valuable and varied work experience in retail, customer service and government offices. After analyzing her personal interactive abilities, experience and interests, she decided to enter dentistry as an administrative assistant.

Sheena started the Dental Administrative Assistant course at Fraser Valley Continuing Education in February 2016 and graduated 6 months later. After completing her practicum at Okamura Dental with a high degree of satisfaction, she was hired full time to help keep our growing practice operating smoothly.

In her personal life, Sheena enjoys going to concerts (Elton John is her favourite), eating good food with her boyfriend, hanging out with their cat, and daydreaming about travelling the world.


Born and raised in Russia, Luba immigrated to Canada with her family in 2000 and took time to study English. Armed with her grade 12 English Degree from Vancouver Community College, and with a little encouragement from a friend who graduated from the CDA program at VCC, she decided to follow the same path into the profession of dentistry.

Finding a dental chair-side job while she waited to get into the course provided her with a good understanding of the dental office environment before going into the course. Luba performed exceptionally in her course-work leading to her graduation in 2005.

Luba worked in a couple of different dental offices to improve her skills and knowledge in order to establish a sound dental basis for her career going forward. In April 2015, Luba joined the team a Okamura Dental as assistant to Dr. Derek Okamura.

New patients will first go through a complete oral examination process starting with one of our Hygienists; Jacklyn, Jackie, Julie.



As a native Vancouverite, Jackie grew up in Kitsilano attending Trafalgar Elementary and then Prince of Wales High School. Becoming a professional was her goal so she chose UBC science and a year later, Dental Hygiene.

In 2011, Jackie graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Science and sought to find a home for her demonstrated talents. Okamura Dental represented for her the very type of family practice she was looking for, and as a bonus, it is located in her childhood neighbourhood.

Although her adult clients are very comfortable with, and appreciate her, Jackie very much enjoys working with children. This positive attitude along with her focus on improving oral health with client comfort in mind, makes Jacqui an easy fit into the family practice Okamura Dental has built over the past decade plus. Jackie takes great pleasure in motivating and empowering her patients to achieve optimal oral and overall health.

When away from the practice, Jackie enjoys walking her dog Cody on the beach, snowboarding and working out, all of which works in her favour since she also loves chocolate, especially with Thomas Haas nearby.


Born of Chinese parents, Julie was raised in East Van with education as a consistent central theme. This theme played out importantly as it led Julie to UBC’s Dental Sciences (Dental Hygiene) Program – completed in 2013.

Julie is a firm practitioner of a dental philosophy that strongly encourages her patients to take ownership of their dental health. By equipping them with the necessary skills and education, they are put in an ideal position to achieve the personal dental outcomes and satisfaction they seek.

In the past, Julie participated as a volunteer delivering dental hygiene services and assisting dentists in Port Diana, Paraguay. Currently, Julie is the Alumni Representative of the UBC Dental Hygiene Degree Program Admissions Committee and an active member of Canadian Dental Hygienists Association and British Columbia Dental Hygienists’ Association.

Today, Julie is a full Practicing Registrant of the College of Dental Hygienists of BC. Her patients have quickly learned to appreciate her professionalism and good humour making her a valuable part of the Okamura team.

When not at work, Julie can be found walking her pug “Charliae”, playing beach and indoor volleyball, and practicing Bikram Yoga.